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Sunil Healthcare Limited is basically into the manufacturing of empty capsules. We are currently the 2nd largest manufacturers in India, manufacturing various types of Empty Hard Capsule Shells of Gelatin, HPMC (Veg Capsules) & Pullulan, for the last 45 years.

We have recently launched our Ayurvedic brand of capsules under our Ayurvedic Product division by the name of “SUNLOC Ayush”.

Sunloc Ayush is currently manufacturing single ingredient Ayurvedic Medicines in concentrated extract form. These concentrated extracts are of the very active medicinal constituent of the medicinal plant in powder form. 

These extracts are directly filled in the capsules in the purest form making the active constituent readily available for the body once the capsule is ingested and ruptures in the stomach within a minute. We are currently packaging these products in different capsule size bottles such as a 30 capsules pack, 60 capsules pack and a 90 capsules pack 

We look forward to collaborating and starting work and spreading the beautiful message of Ayurveda.

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